so late that i just don’t arrive
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time to start trying.  VERY HARD.  too much ego, too cool: it’s all useless

i spam too much cryptic bullshit so i’ma try to post a photo or video with every crappy thought 

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talent is such a fickle concept

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the internet is turning into a pretty shitty place

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Q: bitchin blog brother i bet you're a bretty beautiful babe

lol thx bb (sorry about the delay)

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not strange
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Alex Webb

I hope the library can’t fire me for being fucking stupid

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@theashenone said: Fair enough. I think if you designed it yourself and you are proud of the craftsmanship then you should be proud.

Sure, that could be fine.  But I think pictures of coffee or pizza or whatever defines your stereotype or current interest is so bound to expire that getting them permanently fixed to your body is really pretty fucking dumb.  Any tattoo that has the potential to become irrelevant to you (or the world, honestly) is dumb.  But on an individual level I can’t say whether something means enough to you for you to get it inked into your skin.

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@theashenone said: Have you seen mine?

Nope, and it’s probably not my place to say whether it was a bad idea or not.  I was speaking generally.

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if you either mean offense or convey careless ignorance by your words, another person might have reason to be offended.  it’s always subjective, though, which is why political correctness is overrated.  anyone can be offended by anything, so by saying anything you could be potentially politically incorrect.  so maybe we should just avoid the big ones and then stop fucking thinking about it.  if you’re made uncomfortable by a certain word or phrase, express that with no prejudice.  otherwise, too fucking bad.  

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I am so fucking upset about 4chan

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