today i lost my pocket knife (that i have only had for 5 months) and shot a buncha people doing hip hop dancingimage

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make up a thing to be offended by and be offended by it by all means

good job, you’ve just alienated the world

do you feel better now? 

do you feel justified?

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Pretentiousness is a poison in more ways than one. If you walk around all day breathing through a harmonica because you think it’ll make you a cool kid, you’re a poison. If you want to walk around breathing through a harmonica because you want to get better at harmonica but don’t because you want to avoid looking like that pretentious fuck, you’ve been poisoned.

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im fucking excited to get some data back in my life tomorrow

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i hope you never knew it
perfect impermanent
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pretty sure I’ve bruised the inside of my ear with a scalp massager and the
so I just saw something REALLY disappointing happen on Facebook and now I’m considering deleting people (a person) because I am so annoyed.  if you self victimize with every contrary evidence, then I will probably lose all respect for you
so late that i just don’t arrive
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time to start trying. VERY HARD. too much ego, too cool: it’s all useless

i spam too much cryptic bullshit so i’ma try to post a photo or video with every crappy thought 

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talent is such a fickle concept

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the internet is turning into a pretty shitty place

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